Monday, 22 March 2010

Whilst playing one of my favourite applications on facebook I had a thought.
I have struggled all my adult like with learning a foreign language.
Many a teacher whilst I was at school threw their arms up in the air in despair.
I was speaking something other than the language they were trying to teach me.
Despite living in Spain as a child I refused to speak Spanish
Now however, thanks to my dear friend Lisa I have learnt to speak a little Australian
I know what a Motza is and a few other phrases that I cant remember here and now but if spoken or written I know what they mean. So approaching my half century I can finally speak something other than English and complete gibber jabber.

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  1. Technically speaking, it's "Strine" - a dialect of English. I came to England thinking I was fluent in English, having spoken it all my life, but it turns out I've been wrong all this time, and I've had to re-educate myself...

    Anyway - for your pleasure and edification (!) - here is a link to a glossary of Strine:

    Not all are words I would use (being posh) but I'm afraid to say, there are still quite a few I'm very familiar with!