Thursday, 25 March 2010

Today is the last day that I will be escorting class 3s swimming. Hooray Thursday's will become my own again. Not that it has not been a pleasure in joining in, the kids have been great and its been strange being called Mrs Robinson. The children have all done great and its been a good opportunity for some of them to learn who would never have achieved such a feat. Well better get ready to leave soon.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Well what a day, my first days paid work for nearly 11 years, and boy oh boy have I enjoyed it. Although my back and feet ache and I had to walk miles to catch a bus home I have a sense of achievement.
Just wondering however, with my little part time job, Phoenix cards, and being mum with all the associated housework etc, plus my Ebay shop and my new love of sewing how on earth am I going to fit it all in. and lets not forget my love for polymer clay. Has anybody got any extra hours I can add to my 24, or a shortcut to feeling as if you have had hours sleep when in fact you have only been asleep for about 4 hours. All suggestions welcome.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The sun has been out for the most of the morning but now the clouds are rolling in. Bet it will rain about 3pm when I am waiting for the kids to come out of school. How does the weather know what the time is.
Went to the last of my current Crochet classes last night. It was small and intimate but great company and some bizarre conversations, I find Sioned a very entertaining young lady. Tania managed to cast off her knitting and Barbara well she was just Barbara. Dont know if I can manage an advanced class yet, maybe a craft group would be good, embrace all things crafting. We will see. Well Ebay goods to pack so better get on with it. Tatarrr

Monday, 22 March 2010

Whilst playing one of my favourite applications on facebook I had a thought.
I have struggled all my adult like with learning a foreign language.
Many a teacher whilst I was at school threw their arms up in the air in despair.
I was speaking something other than the language they were trying to teach me.
Despite living in Spain as a child I refused to speak Spanish
Now however, thanks to my dear friend Lisa I have learnt to speak a little Australian
I know what a Motza is and a few other phrases that I cant remember here and now but if spoken or written I know what they mean. So approaching my half century I can finally speak something other than English and complete gibber jabber.

New to blogging

As you may already be aware I am new to blogging.
My trusted friend who always answers my technical questions has told me that my settings would not allow comments from friends and followers.
So with a lot of huff and puff I have managed to figure out how to change this.
Your comments are always welcome be them constructive, technical or just chit chat but please no undesirable language as my kids read this as well.
The sun is out and it finally looks like spring has sprung, oh happy days.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

our first day out

Crafts Outrageous has its first day out yesterday. It was a craft and arts fair in SE London. It was not a great start to get off the ground. Customers were few and far between with stallholders spending money with each other, some because they liked what was for sale, others I am sure just out of sympathy.

Oh well you live and learn we carry on regardless.

Watch out for our Etsy shop coming soon.